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South Jersey S Scale Modelers

Diesel Locomotives Banner



Diesel Locomotives Page 1 no arrows


Diesel Locomotives Page 2


PRR General Electric 44 Tonner 9337

Added 10-22-16

Completed 1-27-18

S_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_17 small


PRSL Baldwin AS16 6015

Completed 1-11-18





General Electric Conrail Dash 8-32B 5078

Added 8-23-22

This is essentially the same loco as the below Norfolk Southern 3531, also built by the late Dave Bailey. The how to project page for 5078 would be the same so I did not duplicate it. For more info click on the photo of 3531.


Conrail_Dash8_5078_1 small Conrail_Dash8_5078_2 small

Conrail_Dash8_5078_3 small Conrail_Dash8_5078_4 small


General Electric Norfolk Southern Dash 8-32B 3531

Added 6-23-19


Norfolk_Southern_3531_9 small


Baldwin BF16 “Sharks”

River Raisin Models B&O RF16

B&O Sharks small


Omnicon Models PRR BF16 9704

Added 6-25-20

PRR BF16 9704


River Raisin Models PRR BF16

PRR_Sharks_Side small PRR_Sharks small


B&O EMD E6 55 & 57

Added 4-6-24

B & O E6 57


PRR E7a 5863

Added 10-21-12

I sort of “found” this E7 in my E unit pile. I forgot this 1 was painted. NONE of the Overland PRR E7 A units are correct as they suffer from a clash of era details, where all of the details could not have been on the unit at the same time. I made the parts to make them more correct for the mid 1950s like the large numberboards etc. It is just a matter of getting to finishing them. Much of the involved work is making them all wheel pick up.


This paint job was “presentable” but still not completely correct, and since I sold my running E7 A B A set in the spring of 2012, I got it out and threw a Tsunami in it. I found out when I thought I was done the wheels were all tight for gauge so that was about the 3rd unexpected disassembly and repair. That will teach me to look at the gauge when the wheels are out for cutting wiper grooves in the back of the wheels!

PRR_E7_5863 small


PRR E7b 5864

Added 7-31-20

PRR E7B 5864



Added 8-21-20



American Flyer ES44AC by Lionel

Conrail Heritage Unit


Added 6-17-21

Conrail ES44_1 small Conrail ES44_2 small

Conrail ES44_3 small Conrail ES44_4 small


Norfolk Southern PRR Heritage Unit

Added 9-16-15

I chased the real Norfolk Southern PRR 8102 Heritage unit for so long and could not catch it, so I decided to get one of my own. I finally saw the real unit on 8-8-15 and this came about a week later. It was a bit of whimsy purchase, well not within my usual modeling era and PRSL scheme. This model is brand new American Flyer made by Lionel. It is DCC ready with sound and a ton of lights. I changed to Scale wheels and Kadee couplers. That is it. No other details were added. It runs a bit fast but is very nice.



PRR_ES44ace small


PRR_ES44ace_1 small PRR_ES44ace_2 small PRR_ES44ace_3 small  PRR_ES44ace_4 small



Norfolk Southern Norfolk & Western ES44AC Heritage Unit

Added 9-4-23

S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_ES44AC_8103_15 small


Southern Railway F3 AB Set

Added 5-1-22

Southern is 1 of my many side interest railroads. These are S Helper Service stock right out of the box. I like the high roof fans. I bought them in August 2020 but did not run them much because they did not run well. They came from SHS with decoders that were now very old and outdated. The A unit was actually a separate motor and sound decoder. In April 2022 I upgraded the decoders to NCE D13NHJ with LED headlight, even though they are not sound units. This info is from the Southern Railway Facebook group on 5-1-22.

F3A 4172 - Dynamic Brakes added Nov 5 1949, painted black in 1959 and retired 1969 and traded to EMD March 29 1970.

F3B 4354 - Dynamic Brakes added Dec 23 1949, painted black in 1959 and retired 1963, traded to EMD Sep 27 1963

Southern_F3_1 small Southern_F3_2 small Southern_F3_3 small



Added 12-15-16

I already had an A B set of factory painted Overland B&O F7 for many years. In November 2016 another A B set came up for sale on eBay. Just for a goof I set a rather low bid and still won. The newer set had some work done with winterization hatches added, and a very interesting center nose numberboard. This was the chance to update all with new decoders (not sound) and LED headlights. I ran pick up wires to the wipers on the insulated wheels. The original drives are a bit noisy but I can live with that.

B&O_F7_1 small B&O_F7_2 small B&O_F7_3 small


B&O F7 4551

Added 10-7-20

This is also an Overland F7 imported in 1987. I much prefer the above B&O scheme but like this scheme as well. I did not paint it. It came to me in a collection with other brass cars some of which I painted for the owner many years ago. He was moving and did not want to take them with him. I covered the shipping to me. Average cost per model came to about $12.00. How could I refuse?


In September 2020 I got it out and spent some time with it. I did a 5 minute decoder job when it first arrived. There was a popped driveshaft that finally made me go over it. The paint was a bit rough and needed significant touch up. Blue is a brutal color to match. Luckily Scalecoat B & O Blue matched really well. What I did not get was the windows were a translucent “GOOP” of some kind, sort of like dried white wood glue. That was really annoying to get out and cleaned up. I lubed the drive, fixed the drivehafts, installed a Tsunami2 with LED headlights, added real glass for the windows, added crew figures and did touch up. It looks much better now and runs great.

B_&_O_F7_4551_1 small B_&_O_F7_4551_2 small

B_&_O_F7_4551_3 small B_&_O_F7_4551_4. smalljpg



Conrail F7 1648

Added 7-3-23

This is Overland OMI-1750 F7 custom painted for Conrail. 1648 was the only F7 painted Conrail Blue. It will mostly be the lead unit to Reading F7 283 below representing early Conrail. Someone did not like the Sagami motor that was in pretty much all the Overland S Scale models built at that time. I am not sure what the new motor is but it runs really well. I upgraded the decoder to a TSC and added a LED headlight. I have not done my full on Overland drive/pick up upgrade – yet.

Conrail_F7_1648_1 small Conrail_F7_1648_2 small

Conrail_F7_1648_3 small Conrail_F7_1648_4 small


Reading F7 ABA Set

Added 4-17-21

Reading F7 Set


Reading F7 283

Added 7-3-23

This is Overland OMI-1750 F7 custom painted for Reading. It was purchased as the same time as the above Conrail F7 1648. I programmed it to run as the trailing until to 1648 to represent early Conrail. I upgraded the decoder to a TSC and added a LED headlight. I have not done my full on Overland drive/pick up upgrade – yet. Still it runs really well especially for having the original Overland drive.

Reading_F7_283_1 small Reading_F7_283_2 small Reading_F7_283_3 small





This is a plastic F7 ABA set made by S Helper Service. I did some detail work to it, including adding the Trainphone Antennas, extra grab irons, nose lift rings, and modified the pilot coupler doors. The “how to” article for this set was featured in the January 2005 Mainline Modeler.

PRR_F7_Set_29 small


Alco PRR FA2 FB2 Set

These FA2 and FB2 were made by Overland Models in 1985. They are very nice, from the period that I call Overland’s “Golden Age” where Ajin was producing very nice models for a reasonable price. I have an A B A set of these that need painting. I bought this set on eBay in June 2007 because they WERE painted for about what I thought they should sell for unpainted.  The antennas got damaged as it was put in the model box for shipping. We made good on that issue quickly. I got an assembled wood Phosphate car. But the repairs lead to a month long side project to repair the antennas, make the drive line slip proof, added all wheel electric pickup and sound units. I made rolled ring baffles that mounted the speakers directly under the roof fans. There was some touch up and we are good to go! I also added a 2 wire plug that runs between the units to insure pickup at ALL times not matter how dirty the track may be. The plugs get hidden in the diaphragm between the units. After a good lube job they run amazingly well! I hope all of my Overland units run this well.

PRR_FA_FB_1 small FA FB Side small PRR_FA_FB_2 small


PRR FP7a & F7b Set

Added 6-12-17

This American Models FP7 set was purchased as shown below from my friend Bob Frascella in April 2017. Bob is an amazing artist and modeler. He decided to move his modeling from PRR transition era to the 1970s Delaware & Hudson making this set available for sale. There was extensive rework and detailing done. It is just gorgeous.

PRR_FP7_1 small PRR_FP7_2 small PRR_FP7_3. small


This is my first big "S" project (C) 1989 adding antennas to my first ever S Scale locos bought this American Models FP7 AA set (only 1 shown – ironically also 9834) from an Overland F3 set. Note the antennas are 1 stanchion too short. I thought it was the best thing going back then.  Next to Bob's work it is SO dated looking! I don't even have decoders in them yet.

PRR_FP7_5 small PRR_FP7_4 small


Reading FP7 901, 902 & 903

Added 12-8-17

Revised 12-27-21

Reading_FP7_901_8 small


Amtrak F40ph

Added 11-25-21

Amtrak F40ph


Norfolk Southern GP4.5 903

Added 7-4-23

Norfolk Southern GP4.5 903


PRR GP7 8551

Added 7-15-17



PRR GP7 8553

Added 12-19-15

Completed 6-10-17



Reading GP7 621

Added 3-3-19

This is a slightly modified American Models GP9 representing Reading GP7 621. The Reading did not have any GP9. Making a better GP7 in S Scale is a significant effort. This loco was made in 1989 by John Hall, one of a very few Reading modelers in S Scale at that time. I bought it 2-13-19 from Roy Hoffman. I changed to a Sagami motor to match the rest of my plastic GPs, added LEDs for headlights and a NCE D13NHP decoder. Other than some touch up it will remain as John built it. I consider it to be a historic piece. I have also run the 621 with my RS3 set as that did happen on the Reading. GP7 could run with the RS3.

Reading_GP7_621_1 small  Reading_GP7_621_2 small  Reading_GP7_621_3 small

Reading_GP7_621_4 small  Reading_GP7_621_5 small  Reading_GP7_621_6 small


B&O GP9 6541

Added 10-21-20

Completed 12-31-20



Conrail GP9 7285

Added 8-22-23

Like the Conrail GP9 7298 below this American Models GP9 pretty much stock out of the box. It was an eBay buy on the cheap. Incorrect glue was used so the dynamic brakes popped off. I am leaving it like that for now. But it just MIGHT get built up like Canadian Conrail 7440 at some point because it is different. I already have some of the parts needed.

Conrail_GP9_7285_1 small Conrail_GP9_7285_2 small Conrail_GP9_7285_3 small


Conrail GP9 7498

Added 9-21-22

This American Models GP9 pretty much stock out of the box. I have detailed other American Models GP9 but matching Conrail Blue for a large touch up job that would be needed here is impossible. It would have to be a complete repaint. Not everything has to be a contest level model. I was going to make a Canadian Conrail GP9 but it became the B&O 6541 shown above instead. I want to run it as a trailing loco with my much nicer GP35 shown below. They look good together and are addressed to be as running as a pair. This is my only GP9 set up to run short hood as normally forward.

Conrail_GP9_7498_1 small Conrail_GP9_7498_2 small

Conrail_GP9_7498_3 smallConrail_GP9_7498_4 small



Norfolk Southern GP9r 2003

Added 8-22-23

This American Models Norfolk Southern GP9r was built by Bob Yahnke. Bob did a great job on the build. The chop nose work was built there is no conversion kit for it at least when this loco was built. I have some minor touch up work to do. There is a headlight leak above the windshield.

Norfolk_Southern_GP9r_2003_1 small Norfolk_Southern_GP9r_2003_2 small


Norfolk &Western GP9 “Red Bird” Scheme

Added 8-22-23

GP9 512

This American Models GP9 pretty much stock out of the box. I did not know American Models made the Red Bird scheme until I saw this loco. It has a new Sagami motor that are in most of my GP9. It will mostly run as the trailing unit to 518 shown below.

Norfolk_&_Western_GP9_512_1 small Norfolk_&_Western_GP9_512_2 small

GP9 518

This American Models GP9 was built by Bob Yahnke. Bob’s layout was dormant for a long time so his models got rather dusty. The real dust adds some sense of weathering. I may add windows and crew figures but it is done for now.

Norfolk_&_Western_GP9_518_1 small Norfolk_&_Western_GP9_518_2 small


Norfolk &Western GP9 806

Added 11-11-18

Completed 11-4-18



PRR GP9 7006

Added 1-21-16

Completed 2-13-18

PRR_GP9_7169_24 small


PRR GP9B 7185

Added 3-21-18

Completed 12-30-18

GP9B 7185



Added 4-1-18

PRR_GP9_Set_11 small



B&O GP30 6944

Added 1-21-23

Completed 1-26-23

B & O GP30 6944l


Chessie GP30 6955

Added 3-19-23

Completed 10-29-23

Chessie GP30 6955l


Conrail GP30 2233

Added 2-16-23

Completed 2-19-23

Conrail GP20 2233


Reading GP30 5513

Added 9-3-22

Reading GP30 5514 small


PRR GP30 2224

Added 2-4-18

Completed 3-13-18

GP30 2224


Southern GP30 2551

Added 7-13-20

Completed 8-6-20

Southern Railway GP30 2551


Conrail GP35 2374

Added 6-14-20

Connrail GP35 2374


Norfolk &Western GP35

Added 8-22-23

Adding to my collection of second generation high hood locos is this very customized American Models GP35 built by Bob Yahnke. While it is currently lettered for Wheeling & Lake Erie it will become Norfolk & Western at some point. I am not adding W&LE to the railroads I have modeled. I have not picked a N&W number yet. It is of Southern heritage which is a very close second choice for the repaint. Note the Alco trucks that Southern traded with EMD when they ordered the GP35. I am making a Overland brass GP38-2 for Southern instead of this GP35. Bob did a great job on the build. The high hood work was built there is no conversion kit for it.

Norfolk_&_Western_GP35_1 small Norfolk_&_Western_GP35_2 small Norfolk_&_Western_GP35_3 small


PRR GP35 2252

Added 1-7-23

This is a stock out of the box American Models GP35. I added a NCE D13NHJ decoder and 3MM LEDs. Not everything I have has to be a big project or contest model level for me to like and run it. It will look good running with my PRR GP30.

PRR_GP35_2252_1 small PRR_GP35_2252_2 small PRR_GP35_2252_3 small


PRSL GP38 2002

Added 1-18-20

Completed 3-28-20

PRSL GP38 2002


Conrail GP38-2 8238

Added 6-4-22

Completed 1-2-23

Conrail GP38-2 8238l


Norfolk Southern GP38-2 5235

Added 7-7-19

Norfolk_Southern_5235 small


Southern GP38-2 5072

Added 4-13-24

Completed 4-21-24


Diesel Locomotives Page 2


Updated 4-21-24

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