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I tend to be a creature of habit. When I decide that I like something it can become a part of me. There are 3 events per year that I have almost never missed in the 20 + since I started going to them. My first NASG Convention was in 1988 in the then faraway lands of New Brunswick NJ. My first PRR T&HS Convention (also called the Annual Meeting by some) was in 1990. I have missed a few of them since.


There is the Central Jersey S Scalers Fall Get Together which is solely responsible for me switching to S Scale in 1988. My first CJSS Get Together was in 1987. I have never missed one of them. The CJSS Fall Get Together started out as being a 3 day set up to fill the church hall with a modular layout that had a large wye, and switching on multiple branch lines and operating trains. It has evolved into a buying selling and social event mostly where people come to eat sand occasionally run trains, basically on the same loop of modules. This event ended forever in 2011.


There is also a bi-yearly Railroad Prototype Modelers Meeting which I REALLY like. It alternated in my area with Greensburg PA. I started going in 2004. I have taken thousands of photos total for these events since I started attending. Since I got my first digital camera in 2002, it makes posting them here much easier. I may go back and scan earlier years that were taken with my film cameras at some point. The photos are randomly selected.


Click on the logo to go to my photo pages for these events.

Click on the link below the logo for their official event website.


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