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Fall Get Together


Like many things in life nothing lasts forever. The hall we used for this event was rented to another church group in 2012 so 2011 was our last time there at the Christ Church in South Amboy.


The last Fall Get Together was held at the S Helper Service office and warehouse on 9-29-12 bringing to a close 25 years of a most enjoyable aspect and event in my life. The SHS offices were sold. Don and Robin, the driving force behind the events, moved to live on a boat. Others have passed. Older people don’t want to drive far at night.


There will never be another meet like CJSS had.




This was a very important event for me when I first switched to S Scale. It was where I was FIRST exposed to S SCALE. This was the only place that I could run my new S Scale trains. I have not missed the event once since first attending it in 1987. At times it has been about ½ of an NASG Convention in terms of layout space, and attendance from venders and people.


These have been Good Times with GREAT People.


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2003_1 small 2003_2 small

My PRR L1                                        Bill Banta’s Tables


2003_3 small 2003_4 small

Howie and the Hoagies                     I miss Howie Greatly



                      2003_5 small  2003_6 small

            Pennsy S Models Table                        Overview of the Layout




2004_1 small 2004_2 small 2004_3 small

The RARE B&O Wagontop Train                                                                    Bill Banta & Richard Bendever


2004_4 small 2004_5 2004_6 small

A confused Don Thompson                       Don DeWitt selling out!                                       A Reading Train




2005_1 small 2005_2 small 2005_3 small 

     Overall Layout                                   Pennsy S Models                                    My PRR F39 Flat                            


2005_4 small 2005_5 small 2005_6 small

Doubleheaded B&O EM-1                              Happy S People                             Donna’s 34th Birthday


2005_7 small 2005_8 small

There is NO Explanation!




2006_1 small 2006_2 small 2006_3 small

Moving The Layout                        Mike & Paul Anderson                              The Mighty PRR


2006_4 small 2006_5 small 2006_6 small

A Little Photoshop Help                         Hiram Graves                                           Dealers Row




Sept 21st and 22nd

This year was different in many ways. The church hall is now being used as a Thrift Shop for most of the year. The for sale items were in the corner of the hall taking up almost ¼ of the space.  Because of this, we turned the layout to be parallel with the stage. I finally got my 20’ long yard module ballasted and put some ground cover on it. This was a major accomplishment as it took an obscene amount of time to complete. We ran DCC only for the first time, which will probably be the norm from now on. The layout ran pretty well considering all the work I just did to my modules and the fact that we only had 1 DCC power region for the whole layout. One short would shut the whole layout down until the short was fixed. We even ran a wireless NCE ProCab handle thanks to Bob Greengrove. I hope to have my own wireless cab and another power booster by next year, which will also help with keeping the layout live if there is a short on the other main line. Having the wireless ProCab made running the other side of the layout very easy. I put the control panel on the outside of the loop for the first time so it can be operated without low crawling to get inside. We had no problems running 9 locomotives at once using just one NCE 5 amp system just before taking the layout down on Sunday morning. All in all it was a great time as always.



 2007_1 small 2007_2 small 2007_3 small

Paul & Mike Anderson                  The New Leather Vests!                 Hiram’s Baldwin in progress


2007_4 small 2007_5 small 2007_6 small

Cy Bacchi’s Milk Train                 Running on the Modules               An ALL NCE System!


2007_7 small 2007_8 small 2007_9 small

B&O Sharks & 2 EM-1                                              2 elevated views of the layout               


2007_10 small 2007_11 small 2007_12 small

Look at all that new ballast!                    My B&O EM1 and Sharks            The layout again from the stage


2007_13 small

A new Module technique

They are so light we had to weight em down!


Updated 7-5-15

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