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Got Dachshunds

We DO!

Photo taken 3-5-16

The best photo of the 5 Pack so far.

Doxie_5_Pack small



Photo taken 9-11-13

Doxie_4_Pack small



Taken 4-6-19

Doxie_4_Pack_2019 small



Click on the photo to go to their page


Pickles and Shelby are half brothers. We got them as puppies. Rosie is their mama.


We adopted Rosie in May 2012 when she was 6.


Sabrina is our first long hair and our first Mini. We adopted her on 12-14-12 when she was 6 1/2.


On 11-15-15 we adopted Lizzie when she was 4 1/2. She is Shelby’s sister, born at the same time.


On 9-21-19 we adopted Stella, Lizzie’s daughter and Rosie’s granddaughter.



Jumping Pickles



5-25-11 to 8-15-22

Shelby Tux small



4-13-06 to 9-1-17

Rosie smiling small



3-24-06 to 1-13-24




Lizzie_4 small



Stella_13 small




The God I believe in speaks Dachshund – fluently and is my translator.

My God tells my doggies every day how much I love them.



Updated 1-13-24

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