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Stella Lane


Born 9-18-15

Adopted 9-22-19

This is the photo from Beaver Valley Dachshunds website.

Stella_1 small


It has just been 2 years Rosie passed. We had not moved her crate. Rosie's bowl and chain were still in her crate on 9-22-19. This is no small event for us letting another dog use Rosie's crate. It could not be just ANY dog.


Stella is Rosie's granddaughter and Lizzie's daughter. She is the last descendant of Rosie's at Beaver Valley Dachshunds. She will be using Rosie's crate.


It was mentioned that when we went to get Lizzie I looked at then puppy Stella and said “I will be back for you in 4 years.” I don’t remember saying that but it is likely true. Promises made – promises kept!


Doggies ready for the trip at 7:00 AM!

Stella_2 small




At Beaver Valley Dachshunds for the pickup 9-21-19

Stella_3 small  Stella_4 small Stella_5 small


Stella_7 small Stella_8 small Stella_9 small



Stella’s last puppy – VERY cute!

Stella_10 small


Lida and Pickles Doggie #1.

Stella_12 small



The Long Ride Home

Stella_11 small



Chillin On The Couch

Stella_13 small


Pack Acceptance Has Begun – In 1 day flat

Stella_13 small




Stella_14 small


Stella and Shelby 11-6-19

Stella_15 small



Added 12-13-21

Our dachshund good luck ran out. Stella somehow hurt herself so we took her to the vet. By Thanksgiving 11-25-21 she was recovered. On Monday November 30th something happened so we took her to Northstar in Robbinsville. Stella became paralyzed while we were there. We took her home hoping she would recover on her own with crate rest. That thought ended on 12-2-21 when Stella bit Donna obviously in great pain. So we went to University of Pennsylvania where test revealed she had two slipped discs. We approved the surgery. Hopefully she will recover and walk again.


This is her last photo on 11-30 before the operation.

Stella_25 small


We are picking her up here at U Penn on 12-6-21 after an $8100.00 operation. Most people would have let her go. We just could not do that. She is only 6! We are now learning how to care for a paralyzed dog.

Stella_26 small Stella_27 small


Photo taken on 12-11-21 – starting to feel better but no rear motor skills yet.

Stella_28 small 


Added 10-14-23

I have not been as active in updating my older web pages. For anyone reading this Stella made a very slow but steady recovery. She was still making progress a year after when was paralyzed to about 99% full recovery. Some of her movements are “different’ particularly when popping and peeing. She is the only female dog I have seen that lifts her 1 leg while peeing. She is happy and healthy again. Good enough.


Updated 10-14-23

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