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South Jersey S Scale Modelers


In July 1989 I cofounded the South Jersey S Scalers as a more local club while I was still frequently attending the Central Jersey S Scalers club. The South Jersey S Scalers became the South Jersey S Gaugers. They are still very active celebrating their 30th anniversary in July 2019. SJSG remained in a more decidedly Hi Rail interest then the few of us who became interested in an S Scale only direction.


For about 20 years we were meeting at an S Scale layout in Swedesboro NJ. All of the above was great times with good friends. But all good things come to an end eventually. The Central Jersey S Scalers ended in about 2014. The layout in Swedesboro was dismantled. My good freind Ken Davis who was a part of all of this with me from the beginning passed 5-28-19. I had mostly been staying home and working on my own trains and layout anyway.


So it is time that “I am putting the band back together” with some new players. I have been blessed with John Peters Sr and John Peters Jr moving close to me. They are my success story getting them interested in S Scale in 2017. We share identical modeling interests from PRR, PRSL, Reading, and some “modern” interests like Conrail and Norfolk Southern.


The plan is to meet about once a month to talk about modeling, and run trains like I had for so many years….







I have a new to me friend that I have been guiding him to the SCALE side of S moving away from Hi Rail. Hopefully we will get something started soon for others to join in.


The Dave Bailey built 32’ long S Scale hump yard is 10 minutes from my house now. It needs to be reconfigured into a new house at some point.


I can show you photo stacking.


Modern Train 9-8-19





Updated 9-29-23

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