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We have Dachshunds!

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Ford Mustangs

1965 to 1973

The Original Pony Car


Click on the photos to make them larger


While I have liked trains since my earliest memory, my first true love had 4 wheels. At the age of 15, I was at the beginning of my “motorhead” period. 5 Mustangs including 2) 1970 Boss 302s and a 1968 Shelby GT350 resided within 2 blocks of me over the next 10 years. My FIRST LOVE was a 1969 Mach 1. The Mustang below in not my car. I found the photos on the internet here. But it has the perfect 1969 Mach 1 look to me. It is Candy Apple Red with the Mach 1 Stripes, the Shaker Scoop, rear window slats, rear trunk spoiler, and Magnum 500 wheels. Simply stated it is everything a 60s Muscle car should be.

Mustang_1 small  Mustang_2 small






I like Mustangs that are stock looking. The above Mustang pulled that off very well but still has a Tri-Power 427 stuffed under the hood. There was the whole Ford vs. Chevy thing going on through High School. The Muscle Car era was still going strong in 1980. But you will not ever convince me that any Camaro interior could come close to the (even then) classic styling of the Pony Interior of the 1965 & 1966 Mustangs.


My Mustangs


My first car was a 1965 coupe I bought for $300.00. It was sunk in the mud in the back of a body shop in Gloucester NJ. I will add photos of that car when I find them. I sold that and bought a 1973 F150 pickup, then shortly thereafter bought my 1966 convertible from my father’s boss. Over the course of 10 years I restored it twice, once when I first bought it and then later as a result of being rear ended on my 28th Birthday. Mustangs have been known to have some rust problems. My 1966 was no exception. I had the entire floor and side frame rails replaced. At 1 time during the process the only thing holding the front and back of the car together was the driveshaft and the brake line. The body shop later accidentally cut the brake line. Here is my 1966 convertible shortly after the first restoration was almost completed.


My_Mustang_1 small  My_Mustang_2 small


My_Mustang_3 small  My_Mustang_5 small


I liked the 1965 Mustang better than the 1966 so I put some 1965 parts on it. I hunted for years to get the 1965 Mustang Styled Steel Wheels. There were some new Old Stock Ford parts still available at the time but they were Gawd-Awful expensive, especially when I was grossing a whopping $160.00 per week. When I was done the 2nd restoration, the only exterior panel that was original to the car being new was the driver’s side door. It seems that you can get anything you want now in reproduction restoration parts.


I later traded my Pick-up for a 1969 Grande that became my daily driver for about 3 years. That had a 302 Windsor engine. My Mom had a 1972 Grande at the time, so for a while we had 3 Mustangs that were all 3 years apart parked in the driveway.


3_Mustangs small  My_Mustang_4 small

Taken with the old 110 Instamatic camera


I WANT to get another Mustang again…

But I will buy it already restored.


Check out this really funny Mustang Vs. Firebird Drag Race

Ford = Fastest On Race Day!

Sucky Race Car Driver




I went to the Shelby American Auto Club SAAC 33 meet in Millville NJ on 8-17-08.

What an awesome day!

I still cannot believe seeing the Mega $$$ REAL Shelbys and Cobras getting

mashed, thrashed and a few even had some “off roading” all in the name of fun!


The official Shelby American Truck

Shelby_Truck small Shelby_Truck1 small


CS Signature                   Daytona Coupe

Carroll_Shelby small Daytona_Coupe small


Cobras! There were LOTS of them!

Cobra_1 small Cobra_2 small


My Favorite Shelby look – Blue on White 1965 or 1966

Shelby_1 small Shelby_2 small


1969 Cobra Jet Mach 1         1970 Boss 429

1969_Mach1 small Boss_429 small


Runnin’ hard just for fun!

Shelby_72B small GT40 small


Shelby_Bill small



Click on the following photo for a video I took of the races. The video is 45 MB.









I have always been a very big music fan. It has been a very close 2nd interest to trains my whole life. I am the youngest of 3. My oldest sister would let me play her record collection whenever I wanted. I first liked Simon & Garfunkel in the late 60s then had a BRIEF Gilbert O’Sullivan thing. I then went through an Elton John phase (who didn’t) from about age 10 to 13.  Then it was 2 years of Peter Frampton. During my Frampton period I started listening to this new guy from New Jersey named Bruce Springsteen. There was also a DJ named Ed Sciaky on the former Album Oriented Radio station WIOQ FM that played a lot of Bruce. Ed and Bruce were friends. Ed was very big on promoting Bruce in the Philadelphia area. He was and always will be my favorite DJ, having passed on January 29, 2004. I went to my first concert ever on May 26, 1978. My life was truly changed forever that night. It would be my first of almost 30 Bruce concerts in 30+ years since then, including going backstage for one of them. More on that later.


I now have over 5000 songs copied to my hard drive. I just cue up a group of songs in WinAmp and let them play while I work on my trains or whatever...



I don’t trade much anymore since I think I have “enough” to listen to, but this is my live music trading list. Contact me if you want to trade. I believe in quality not quantity. I cannot listen to a poorly recorded show.


I have added my original Bruce Springsteen

photos to my Photography Page here:


Born to Run cookie



RIP Dan – You are missed greatly!

Backstage with Danny small


Music Trading list

Revised 6-4-06


This list is massively out of date

since I discovered torrents.

I have a lot of concerts that are not listed here and probably never will be.

I don’t even use CDs either. I just upload and trade electronically.


Bruce Concerts

Click on the hyperlinked lines to see the setlists.


* = Best sound quality – very close to official release quality  J = Very good L = No Artwork

The number immediately after the title indicates the numbers of discs in the set.

I do not send jewel cases with the discs unless specifically requested.



Prodigal Son * - 2                                                                             Early ‘70s

Thundercrack - 1                                                                              4-24-73

Unsurpassed Springsteen  Vol. 2 – 1                                          Max’s Kansas City ’72 & ‘73

Agora Theater - 1 * L (radio broadcast 7 songs)                                    6-3-74

Live At the Main Point * - 2                                                             2-2-75

Allen Theater -2                                                                               4-7-76

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place - 2                                              11-4-76

Catch These Big Stars                                                                    12-31-77 See Southside WNEW Show

Philadelphia Spectrum                                                                   5-26-78          My first concert ever!        Sound quality is so-so but at least I have it.

Philadelphia Spectrum                                                                   5-27-78

Oh Boy - 3                                                                                         8-4-78

Agoraland * - 3                                                                                 8-9-78

Thank You Houston – 2                                                                 9-13-75 a.k.a. Live from Music Hall

Passaic Night- 2                                                                               9-19-78

AKA Piece de Resistance (In AIF Format only)                                   9-19-78

The Bosses Birthday Party - 3                                                       9- 21-78



Born to Be the Boss - 2                                                                   6-5-81

Spectrum Night - 3                                                                          7-15-81

Alpine Valley Night – 3                                                                   7-12-84

Sugarland – 3                                                                                   11-18-84

Philadelphia Spectrum                                                                   3-8-88

Philadelphia Spectrum                                                                   3-9-88

C’mon Mr. Trouble – 3                                                                    4-4-88

Tunnel Of Lust - 2                                                                            8-28-88



Up To Human Touch Tour

Christic Nights – 2                                                                           11-16-90

Acoustic Tales * - 2                                                                          11-16 & 17-90

Solo Acoustic           - 1                                                                    3-23-93

Meadowland night – 3                                                                    6-24-93

American Style - 1                                                                           8-20-94

Sony Studios – 2                                                                             4-5-95

Tower Theater -1 * L (radio broadcast 10 songs)                      12-9-95

Hamburg Night – * 2                                                                                   2-17-96          A few rare songs

Brixton Nights * - 3                                                                           4-22, 25, & 27-96


A Price In Return – 2                                                                                   10-23-96

Hitter In Syracuse * - 2                                                                    11-13-96

Paris Night – 2                                                                                  5-26-97

Benefit Concert (w SSJ and Bon Jovi) - 3                                               1-31-98          Count Basie Theater




1999 & 2000

Reunion Tour


Saving Face - 2                                                                                3-18-99

New Jersey Nights – 3                                                                    Various From NJ shows

The Boston Tea Party – 2                                                               8-22-99

The Philadelphia Special – 3                                                        Misc. from 9-20, 21 & 24-99

Spectrum Night in Phila.- 3                                                                       9-24-99

Incident on Broad St.- 3                                                                  9-25-99

Los Angeles Nights – 3                                                                  10-23-99

Oakland Ca   (W/ Southside Johnny on Hungry Heart)                       10-28-99

Madison Square Garden                                                                6-17-00

The Best of 1999 – 4                                                                       Various from 1999 tour

Asbury Park Convention Hall                                                        12-17-00

Asbury Park Convention Hall                                                        12-18-00



The Rising Tour

Asbury Park Convention Hall – 2             Rehearsal Show                  7-30-02

The Tacoma Dome - 2        Tacoma Washington                       8-21-02

First Union Center - 3                     Phila Pa.                                10-6 02


Devils & Dust Tour

Paris Dust – 2                                                                                   6-02-05

Columbus - 2                                                                                    7-31-05


Seeger Sessions

Asbury Park -2 J Rehearsal Show                                              4-26-06

Camden NJ – 2 L                                                                            6-20-06


Magic Tour


Phila PA                                                                                              10-5-07

Meadowlands                                                                                      10-10-07

San Jose         In AIF Format only. (Possibly Soundboard)             5-5-08


Working On A Dream Tour


Phila Pa Spectrum                                                                              4-29-09

Stockholm                                                                                           6-5-09

Mansfield MA                                                                                      8-23-09

Phila Pa Spectrum      (Born To Run played in full)                            10-19-09



Outtakes and other

The sound quality varies greatly on the various collections


The Laurel Canyon Demos * - 1                                                   Played for John Hammond

The Promise *           - 1                                                                   Darkness outtakes

The Way * - 1                                                                                                Darkness outtakes

The Iceman *            - 1                                                                               Darkness outtakes

The Ties That Bind - 1                                                                     Almost released after Darkness

Blood Brothers * - 1                                                                         Complete Disney special soundtrack

Boss a Nova - 3                                                                                Various 1995 sources

Songs for an Electric Mule - 2                                                       Various including “Baby I”

War and Roses -1                                                                            Born  To Run  outtakes

Duets Live - 1                                                                                   Nils, SSJ, Jackson Browne

The Boss is Back - 2                                                                        Various ’73 to ‘78

Forgotten Songs - 1                                                  

Bruce’s Club Hopping Summer - 1                                                          Various ’87 to ‘91

Live And Unreleased          - 4                                                       Various ’71 to ’79 including Steel Mill

Lost Masters Essential Collection Vol. 1 & 2      2 ea.              Outtakes

Warm And Tender Love - 1                                                                        Various Live ’93 to ‘94

MANY officially released CD singles

2 Extra Officially released imports For Live /75-85                    INCREDIBLE Incident on 57th St.

The Genuine Tracks Vol. 1 – 4                                                           Various

Fistful Of Dollars                                                                                 Outtakes from the Nebraska sessions

Live 1975-1988 – * 4 NOT the official release                            All are soundboard recordings

The Backsides                                                                                  B-Sides of the singles

Stone Pony Benefit Concert Joe Grushecky is joined by Bruce        11-3-00                                             



Southside Johnny



Hearts of Stone Vol. 1 & 2 – 1 ea.                                                 4-22-89

All I Want is Everything - 1                                                             Various ‘84

New Years Eve Shows for ’77, 78’ 79

Unplugged Vol. 1 & 2 1 ea.                                                                        11-23-93 With Little Steven

Rockpalast ’79 - 1                                                               

On The Air *

Agora ’76                                                                                           10-13-76

Those Were Better Days                                                                 3-3, 3-26, & 11-24-92

Torn & Frayed *                                                                                4-5-99

East Meets West - 1                                                                         Interview and music 1976

Stone Pony  10th Anniversary Show – 2                                                  5-28-86  Radio Broadcast

Colongne Germany - 2                                                                   3-26-92

Capitol Theater Passaic NJ - 2                                                      12-31-79

Capitol Theater Passaic NJ                                                           12-31-78

Speaks Long Island NY - 1                                                                        12-31-76

She Forgot Her Panties - 2                                                                        8-28-98

Bottom Line New York City - 1                                                      2-28-99

Ritz Theater - 1                                                                                 10-31-88

The Sting – 2 L                                                                                5-22-92

Sunset Station – 2 L                                                                      8-4-00

Jukestock – 3 L SSJ’s concert

Under the Boardwalk – 2 *                                                             10-22-01 Fabulous sound quality!

Southtakes - 1                                                                                  Various Outtakes

Those Were Better Days Vol. 1 & 2 L

Viva TV          SSJ & Bon Jovi German TV                                  6-25-01

On The Road Again            Compilation of 2001 UK tour                     6-7 to 6-15-01

Columbus “Love Is A Full Time Job”                                            2-4-92



Official releases

Ruff Stuff - 1                                                                                     released by SSJ 1995 Very Rare

Ruff Stuff II – 1                                                                                 released by SSJ 2000 as NYE Gift

At Least We Got Shoes - 1                                                             Now available from www.southsidejohnny.com

Trash It Up - 1                                                                                   Very Good Vinyl Transfer L

In The Heat - 1                                                                                  Very Good Vinyl Transfer

Live at the Bottom Line - 1                                                             Import

Spittin’ Fire - 2                                                                                  1997


All of the other SSJ official releases are reasonably available in stores or on Ebay. I will not copy them.



Southside Johnny Videos

These top video was shot at Cooper River Park in Pennsauken NJ on 8-21-07. It was a free concert. Southside was in great form and it was a great night out. My camera is a digital still that does video too. The still photos did not turn out well compared to the videos. I used Windows Movie Maker to make 1 WMV file from 5 songs. It is about 20 minutes long and 71 MB. It opens in Windows Media Player for me.


Click the photo to stream the videos

DSCF2103 small



Scottish Rite Auditorium


Collingswood NJ

3 songs

DSCF0570 small



Little Steven


Baptism At Rockpalast  - 1 J                                                                     10-16-92


Many Nils Lofgren, some Little Steven and Clarence official releases


Other Artists

Billy Joel

Live From the Carrier Dome *- 2                                                               11-19-93

Piano Man – Live onstage                                                                         5-26-90

After The Flood                                                                                            Date unknown

Storytellers – 2


Tom Petty                                                  

Irving Plaza                                                                                                   4-12-99



The A’s were a band in the 1980s that were promoted by 93.3 WMMR. They were most known for their song “A Woman’s Got The Power” which I have always liked. They reunited for a few concerts during Thanksgiving 2007 opening for The Hooters. The Hooters were also promoted by WMMR. They were one of the most successful bands to come out of Philadelphia during that time. It was a great show. I am glad I went. I hope The As continue their touring. I also would like to get the original As music on CD some day.

As Button small

Click the photos below to stream the video


The A’s

DSCF0028 small DSCF0029 small



The Hooters

Hooters_Time_After_Time_0001 Hooters_ Beat_Up_Guitar 001_0001




Updated 2-25-18

All photos and content © Lanes Trains 2005-2018