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Lizzie Lane tag

Born 5-25-11

Adopted 11-15-15


Lizzie is Shelby’s sister - born on the same day and half sister to Pickles. We have 3 of Rosie’s babies now. Lizzie is retired from having puppies and is living with her Dachshund family.


Lida holding Lizzie on 4-25-12 when we adopted Rosie.

Shelby meets his sister for the first time.

Lizzie_7 small


Lida & Lizzie at Beaver Valley Dachshunds


Lizzie_1 small



On the ride home

Lizzie_2 small



Lizzie_3 small



Relaxing on my lap

Lizzie_4 small



With Shelby 11-15-15

Lizzie_5 small Lizzie_6 small


At our Christmas Party


Lizzie_8 small Lizzie_9 small




We got Lizzie fixed on 12-23-15. We used a baby “Onesie” to keep her away from licking her incision.

Lizzie_10 small Lizzie_11 small Lizzie_12 small



In March 2016 Lizzie surprised us with a hernia which required surgery, and gave her 2 incisions. She had an extended recovery period of over 2 weeks. The “tube” did not work for her at all. She could still reach her incisions and lick them. The “Onesie” helped also with using some doggie panties, but ultimately it was the cone that kept her from annoying her incisions. She got it off and chewed it the first night.

Lizzie_13 small



Lizzie was healed and “free range” from the hernia operation for ONE week when she developed an infected nipple. 2 other internal small lumps were found as well. The decision to have a partial mastectomy was made. She had the operation on 4-13-16, ironically on her momma Rosie’s 10th birthday. The incisions were significant as seen below. She lost 3 nipples.


Frankenbelly Lizzie on 4-18-16

We were very lucky that her lumps were not cancerous.


Lizzie_14 small



Lizzie rockin her new Dachshund Delights harness

Lizzie_15 small



Lizzie with Shelby on their birthday 5-25-16

Lizzie_16 small



Lizzie being silly and “playing” with Sabrina on 1-27-18. If you blinked you missed it.

Lizzie_17 small Lizzie_18 small Lizzie_19 small




Updated 2-10-18

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