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South Jersey S Scale Modelers

Reading GP30 5513


Revised 1-14-24

This page will eventually have the completed Reading GP30 5513 but with a different model loco than show below. I now have a correct GP30 with dynamic brakes for this project. I also have 6) GP30 total. This the last GP30 not completed yet.



S_Scale_Reading_GP30_5513_1 small


S_Scale_Reading_GP30_5513_2 small



Bill Volkmer was in Allentown PA on 4-14-62 to catch the very new (possibly being delivered) GP30.

S_Scale_Reading_GP30_5513_3 small


S_Scale_Reading_GP30_5513_4 small



Reading GP30 5513 still exists and is currently owned by the Reading Company Technical & Historical Society (RCT&HS) in Hamburg Pa. 5513 is the very first GP30 ever sold. That is why I decided to make it. It was restored and running in the mid 1980s. These are 2 photos from that time. They are eBay slide purchases.

S_Scale_Reading_GP30_5513_5 small S_Scale_Reading_GP30_5513_6 small




As with many things in S Scale they did not interest me much when they were released new but I really like them now. Finding “new to me” S Scale items that interest me and I don’t already have is getting difficult. This is now my 3rd GP30. I have a PRR and Southern GP30 as well.


This is the Greenbrier Models GP30 made in 1997 and distributed by Bills Train Shop. It is shown right out of the box. I thought that with the GP30 body lines they all had dynamic brakes, but some did not. I have found a correct dynamic loco for this project. I was going to have someone else do the painting but think I am going to try it myself.

S_Scale_Reading_GP30_5513_7 small S_Scale_Reading_GP30_5513_8 small S_Scale_Reading_GP30_5513_9 small



Revised 1-14-24

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