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PRR GP7 8551



PRR_GP7_8551_1 smallPRR_GP7_8551_2 small


PRR_GP7_8551_3 small


This loco was built by my friend Bob Frascella in 2013. Bob is modeling the Elmira branch. The PRR was ordering diesel locomotives purpose built with the equipment options almost to the point of pulling a particular train. 8551 worked various areas including Chicago, Indiana and on the Elmira Branch in New York.


Bob is an amazing modeler mostly working with plastic and urethane. Seeing this project was the inspiration for me to start my PRR GP7 8553 I relied heavily on 8551 for my detailing.


Bob used many different parts. The loco started as an American Models GP9. A Des Plaines Hobbies GP7 kit is the gray long and short hood. Various BTS brass parts including the torpedo tanks, handrail and antenna stanchions were used.





These are some of Bobís construction photos.

PRR_GP7_8551_4 smallPRR_GP7_8551_5 smallPRR_GP7_8551_6 small


As I completed my 8553 I never thought 8551 would ever be for sale. Bobís interests shifted from the PRR in 1955 to the D&H in 1977, so 8851 became available for sale. I knew both GP7 would look great together even though they likely never ran in the same region at the same time. I got 8551 on 7-13-17.


The loco is not quite as GREEN as shown, but as in the prototype

you can see the difference between black and Brunswick Green.


PRR_GP7_8551_7 smallPRR_GP7_8551_8 small


PRR_GP7_8551_9 smallPRR_GP7_8551_10 small


PRR_GP7_8551_11 smallPRR_GP7_8551_12 small


Here are 2 of the same locomotives built by 2 people with

completely different materials. Still they look GREAT together.


PRR_GP7_8551_13 smallPRR_GP7_8551_14 small


PRR_GP7_8551_15 smallPRR_GP7_8551_16 small


I like very bright headlights. They both plant a spotlight on the adjacent car.

PRR_GP7_8551_17 smallPRR_GP7_8551_18 small


PRR_GP7_8551_19 smallPRR_GP7_8551_20 small


Updated 2-25-18

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