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South Jersey S Scale Modelers

PRR 44 Tonner 9337 Banner



44_Tonner_9346_1 small44_Tonner_9346_2 small


This was imported by River Raisin Models in December 1993. It is yet another long stalled project, possibly from March 2004, and possibly from the same time as when I painted my PRR SW1 5945 which I finally got running July 2016. I donít remember why I put off completing it. Like K4 5945 there are no in progress photos from back then either.


I chose 9337 because it assigned to Philadelphia Region Ė PRSL in the mid to late 1950s. It likely worked the Delaware River area and docks. 44 Tonners also worked in Atlantic City.


I restarted the project on 10-25-16 but it did not get competed until 2018.


S_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_1 small



I am not a fan of the pilot tiger stripes. Also they would be very difficult to add as a decal.

S_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_11 small


Electric Pick Up


As built in 2004


The photos represent my first attempts at all wheel pickup, before I started cutting grooves into the backs of my wheels for wiper wires. Such a small loco needs good pick up to run well. These are rollers I made on my lathe. I think they might have worked but I was concerned with getting the tension on the wheels just right - make good electrical contact without adding drag and slow the loco down. So they have to go. I am going with my proven method I have done many times now.


S_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_2 smallS_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_3 smallS_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_4 small


New pick up wiper wires and drive completed 10-30-16.

The pickup wires are always made from .020 Phosphor bronze wire.


S_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_5 smallS_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_6 small


S_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_7 smallS_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_8 smallS_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_9 small




I will get some better before photos when I find another 44 Tonner to borrow and photograph.

S_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_10 small


Completed 1-27-18


My detailing should be very obvious. I thought it was odd there was no visible fuel fill on the loco, so I made fuel fill pipes like the PRR had. I repurposed the draft gear and added a Kadee coupler head. I also added all of the awnings. The paint job from 15+ years ago survived very well. I think Scalecoat Brunswick Green was a bit darker than it is now. This is the only one of my locos I ever painted the cab gray and masked for the rest of the paint. With the large windows it is a bit brighter inside the cab. I made and added the corner marker lights as well.



The electronics went through 3 different decoders and a change from incandescent to LEDs. I had a NCE D13, then a Soundtraxx TSU750, truly for about a day. Then I swapped the TSU750 for a TSU1100 because of the aux lighting functions. I tried to use the Nano surface mount LEDs for the marker lights but they were a bit too big and shorted out. I switched to the Pico but they are SO fragile. I had to replace 3 of them before I got them installed. The marker lights are not as bright as I hoped when compared to other locos I have recently completed. This is the second most difficult DCC installation I have ever done right after my WSLco Shay. I did not take any photos but it is PACKED with the decoder, Current Keeper and speaker. If the drive was not such a low profile design I would have big problems.


S_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_13 smallS_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_14 small


S_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_15 smallS_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_16 small


S_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_17 smallS_Scale_PRR_44_Tonner_9337_18 small


Updated 5-31-20

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