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South Jersey S Scale Modelers



These locos are also American Models that were significantly reworked, possibly built for Larry Sokol. I bought them just as shown below, with the built up GP9b as the major attraction. I am also building my own GP9b so I wanted to get the set here and build it to match. I put motor only decoders in them right away so I can run them but there is no sound decoder or lights yet. They came with incandescent bulbs which I will NOT use. The builder got many more things correct than not so there are no complaints. They are very nice but of course I want to make some changes at some point.


One of the biggest items is changing to open fans for the sound to vent. I am not sure if I can have a GP9 without antennas, so antennas may get added. It has 3 fans which are late 1959 production so it might get backdated to 5 fans and a number change like I did to my GP9 7006.


The GP9b will also get a few changes like open fans. The MU stands have to be changed. They are low and need to be high. A small single chime horn has to get added to the center of the cab roof. I already have a HO horn for that.


So for now I am considering these locos and this page to be temporary, but it might be a while until I get to do the rework. I can and already have run them just fine as is. They look great running with my 7006.


PRR_GP9_Set_1 smallPRR_GP9_Set_2 small


PRR_GP9_Set_3 smallPRR_GP9_Set_4 small




PRR_GP9_Set_5 smallPRR_GP9_Set_6 small


PRR_GP9_Set_7 smallPRR_GP9_Set_8 small PRR_GP9_Set_9 small





PRR_GP9_Set_10 smallPRR_GP9_Set_11 small



With 7006

PRR_GP9_Set_12 smallPRR_GP9_Set_14 small



On 5-19-18 I replaced the motors with a NWSL 22363-9 so it will run well with 7006


Updated 4-1-18

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