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Seaboard B7 Boxcars Banner


Seaboard_B7_Boxcar_1 small


My interest in the Seaboard goes back to my beginnings as American Flyer made a very popular Seaboard boxcar. The Silver Meteor was a favorite boxcar.


The Seaboard B7 boxcar is very similar to the PRR X31 series of boxcars. The S Scale cars are Smokey Mountain Model Works http://www.smokymountainmodelworks.com urethane kits.


I bought my cars mostly assembled in 2015. 

Seaboard_B7_Boxcar_2 small



The trucks and couplers had to be added. There were some other small details that needed work. I also added cut levers. But of course I had to “do my thing” by adding cross members to screw the floor to the shell. I also used brass stirrup steps I had cast from Pacific Rail Shops parts many years ago.

Seaboard_B7_Boxcar_3 small


This is the first car ready for paint.

Seaboard_B7_Boxcar_4 small  Seaboard_B7_Boxcar_5 small Seaboard_B7_Boxcar_6 small



Completed 3-4-19


I used Tru Color Seaboard Freight Car Red for both cars. The difference in appearance is because 1 car has Scalecoat flat only and the other has Scalecoat flat and gloss 50/50 mix. The first car used Greg Komar decals. They are thin but disappear. I had significant problems with using the Tichy decals for car 19428. The very thick image lifted from the decal film. I had to strip the car and start again. Jim King had decals that were similar to the Komar decals but even thinner!


I picked 19428 because 428 is a FORD motor number. I do not know if 19428 had the larger Seaboard logo but I wanted some variety in the car. I now have a LOT of Silver Meteor cars from S Helper Service and others.

Seaboard_B7_Boxcar_7 small Seaboard_B7_Boxcar_8 small

Seaboard_B7_Boxcar_9 small Seaboard_B7_Boxcar_10 small



Updated 3-4-19

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