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South Jersey S Scale Modelers

Southern Railway Crescent Limited


S_Scale_Southern_Railway_Crescent_Limited_1 small



This is an American Models train. It is by far not meant to be the best example of the Crescent Limited in model form since the cars are short CNJ prototypes. They should all be 80’ cars and some Pullmans. A few years ago I went off in a diversion of interests for Southern High Hood diesels. I have since gotten a Southern A B set of F7. This is just another diversion off of 2 previous diversions. The attraction for me was the green Crescent loco scheme.


I do not plan on spending much time “modeling” the Southern. My biggest project so far was repainting my GP30 in the “Tuxedo “scheme. Most of these sets have Hi Rail wheels. This set came up on eBay with scale wheels for a really good price in May 2023.





Like a few other passenger trains I have I am considering this to be a complete model unto itself, not an individual loco and cars. With the few modifications I have already done I am calling this project done. I removed the mechanical smoke unit, removed the flywheel, added a TCS WOW4 decoder with 3MM LED headlight, removed the fake passenger silhouettes and added Kadee couplers. Everything does not have to be a huge time consuming project.


American Models locos may not have the finest most accurate details but they ALL run well. This loco is somewhat unique in that the driver axles are all geared to each other like a diesel. The side rods are truly ornamental.


Coach car Henery Grady is a car purchased separate of the 5 car and loco set.



S_Scale_Southern_Railway_Crescent_Limited_2. small  S_Scale_Southern_Railway_Crescent_Limited_3 small


S_Scale_Southern_Railway_Crescent_Limited_4 small S_Scale_Southern_Railway_Crescent_Limited_5 small



S_Scale_Southern_Railway_Crescent_Limited_6 small S_Scale_Southern_Railway_Crescent_Limited_7 small


S_Scale_Southern_Railway_Crescent_Limited_8 small S_Scale_Southern_Railway_Crescent_Limited_9 small


 S_Scale_Southern_Railway_Crescent_Limited_11 small 



S_Scale_Southern_Railway_Crescent_Limited_12 small




Updated 5-10-23

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