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South Jersey S Scale Modelers

Reading NW2 92


This is an Oriental Models NW2 phase 1 and 3 built in 1985. Other EMD switchers like the SW1 and SW9 were also made, and were Oriental’s only S Scale releases. This loco was owned by my friend Don Thompson, owner of the former S Helper Service. It has some significance in S history as well. Don had it painted for CNJ.  He sent it to China where they thoroughly measured it with calipers for making the plastic NW2, trashing the paint and making it the ugly duck in the first photos. In December 2019 he left it here with me to SELL. Now you know how that worked out. I am calling this a resurrection and restoration. I knew I could bring it back to life with some of my own touches. I have to draw the line at no CNJ so it is going to be Reading 92.


Reading_NW2 _92_1 small


Reading_NW2 _92_2 small



Out Of The Box

A Bit Sad And Abused


Reading_NW2 _92_3 small Reading_NW2 _92_4 small


Reading_NW2 _92_5 small Reading_NW2 _92_6. small


Photos Taken 2-11-20


First thing to do was to strip the rest of the paint. There was a significant amount of ACC (superglue) repairs or even possibly ACC original assembly on this model. All ACC had to be burned out, cleaned up and soldered.


Reading_NW2 _92_7 small Reading_NW2 _92_8 small


Reading_NW2 _92_9 small Reading_NW2 _92_10 small



Posing with my other loco purchased on 12-14-19 from Don, an Oriental SW1200.

Reading_NW2_92_11 small Reading_NW2 _92_12 small Reading_NW2 _92_13 small





I was hoping it would be a quick get it done project of 2 weekends. I thought I had everything I needed “in stock” including the decals and the WOW4 decoder. But the decals I had leftover from another project and were not quite correct. So now I am waiting for my friend to make me decals. I came a bit too close to forgetting to put the rain gutters on the cab! After some more driveshaft fiddling, I now have it running perfectly. It looks great next to my SW1.


Due to the uncommon drive of this loco, it has very annoying VERY short driveshafts. If you lose or break 1 it is a big problem. 1 driveshaft was missing when I got this. My replacement was OK but still not as good as the original. Note I added a brass draft gear. It is not exactly what it should be but the draft gear is better than the plastic Kadee coupler box.




Reading_NW2 _92_14 small Reading_NW2 _92_15 small Reading_NW2 _92_16 small


Reading_NW2 _92_17 small Reading_NW2 _92_18 small Reading_NW2 _92_19 small


Completed 7-17-20

I got the decals from my friend John Frantz and pretty much got it done. I have not been much into weathering lately. Everything was starting to look the same. This is a mix of Scalecoat gloss with a bit of flat in it.



Note the standing fireman looking out the back of the cab. Something different than figures just sitting in the crew seats.


Updated 7-18-20

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