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REA Reefer Banner


REA_Reefer_1 small


I donít know much about the various passenger cars but I have liked head end and Railway Express Agency cars for a long time.I am sure some of this is influenced from my friend Vic Roseman from when he wrote a book on REA. We briefly walked around a huge long closed REA building near Sunnyside Yard in the early 90s. It is switching for passenger service, and for now are the only sidings on my layout that are likely to really be used for switching. My REA building was 1 of the first structures added.


I have wanted the above car for a long time because if it was made in brass it has the same trucks as the PRR X42 mail storage car. I could get the trucks I need made for my X42. About 10 years ago I tried to find a brass builder to make this car but they all were cost prohibitive. I got quotes to ME Ė not retail price - of $400.00 based on 300 cars. That would never go in S Scale. I was convinced there would never be another new S Scale brass car again.


River Raisin Models is the last company making standard gauge S Scale brass models. In 2017 RRM announced REA reefer project with 4 paint schemes. It was not the exact car above but by far it was close enough. Anything made by RRM and Boo Rim was going to be a stunning model. I was in for sure. I collected more REA photos ironically including a car number I now have in model form.


REA_Reefer_2 small



The cars are listed in the approximate order of when the paint schemes were used on the cars, newest first. I get that all of them could have been in the same train at the same time, but I got them anyway.


The first paint scheme only lasted about a year.

REA_Reefer_3 smallREA_Reefer_4 smallREA_Reefer_5 small


These are transition era cars. 1 variant was white lettering. Note the car number is on the roof of some cars.


REA_Reefer_6 smallREA_Reefer_7 smallREA_Reefer_8 small


REA_Reefer_9 smallREA_Reefer_10 smallREA_Reefer_11 small


REA_Reefer_12 smallREA_Reefer_13 smallREA_Reefer_14 small


This will likely remain my only purple car. It is a very attractive paint scheme a most Southeast passenger schemes were.

REA_Reefer_15 smallREA_Reefer_16 smallREA_Reefer_17 small


This is the last REA paint scheme from the 1960s.

REA_Reefer_18 smallREA_Reefer_19 smallREA_Reefer_20 small


River Raisin and Boo Rim went all in for the underbody detail. There is even simulated brake rigging connected to the trucks.

REA_Reefer_21 small


They all look great in front of my REA building.

REA_Reefer_24 small


I get that all of these cars probably would not have been in the same train at the same time, but I got them anyway. They are all just gorgeous. I have no plans for any weathering of the cars.

REA_Reefer_25 smallREA_Reefer_26 small


My PRSL AS16 got the first victory lap around the layout with the other PRSL cars.

REA_Reefer_27 smallREA_Reefer_28 small


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