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South Jersey S Scale Modelers

PRSL P70 Banner


These PRR P70r coaches were made by Southwind Models at the same time as 2 versions of PRR B60. Southwind made the PRR R50b in 1989. The B60 and P70 were made in 1998 and 1999. A complete New York Central train was made. There was intention to make a complete PRR train but it did not happen. So S Scale has ONE P70. I wished I knew more about the real PRR back in the 1990s and what I would be modeling in 2017 with PRR and PRSL as I would have campaigned for getting a P70FBr made, my most wanted passenger car now. It is not likely to ever happen, at least commercially. I would have to figure out how to get a few cars made for me.


350 P70r were made in various configurations. I will be making my PRR P70r in the 3400 series. But this page is for the PRSL P70.


PRSL_P70_1 small


I found out that with some reasonable modifications the P70r could became a better PRSL “hot” P70 without air conditioning. I decided to make 3 of them.


This is the best color photo I have found of the PRSL P70 I am making.


PRSL_P70_2 small

John Dziobko, Jr. photo




There is only 1 known hot PRSL P70, 9924, with the single and double stripes like many PRR cars. I like the stripes but will not miss having to do the stripe decaling on all 3 cars.

PRSL_P70_3 small



Most of the construction photos below were taken July and August 2014



Much of the needed modifications for the conversion was removing air conditioning equipment and rearranging tanks. The original air conditioned configuration is on top, and modified on bottom with the ice bunker removed.

PRSL_P70_4 small


Bulkhead Walls


The cars were built with vestibules were blocked off with the bulkhead walls soldered in place. That made getting window glass on the vestibule exit doors impossible. I cut out the original walls, made new bulkhead walls and recycled the end doors. The new walls will rest on the remains of the original walls.

PRSL_P70_5 small PRSL_P70_6 small


Draft Gear

Of course I had to make draft gear. These photos were taken 3-30-08 of a P70 at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg PA. Some research and parts take a while to get used!


PRSL_P70_7 small PRSL_P70_8 small


This is the first and likely the last draft gear I designed to use the S Helper Service version of the Kadee coupler, which is now tough to get since S Helper Service went out of business. I have to search eBay and buy when I can.


PRSL_P70_9 small PRSL_P70_10 small PRSL_P70_11 small


Roof Vents

Early P70 had 10 ventilator fans over the length of the car. These were capped leaving what I call vent stumps, and a single “Penn Ventilator” in the center of the car.


PRSL_P70_12 small PRSL_P70_13 small PRSL_P70_14 small


The change was very easy. Take off the old vents and put the new vent stumps and Penn Ventilator on.


PRSL_P70_15 small PRSL_P70_16 small


2D5P2 Trucks

The final change needed was making the correct trucks. This project actually came about by accident. I had an O Scale set of the 2D5P2 trucks here to assemble. When I finally realized what they were and what I could do with them, I measured them extensively and made S Scale version in Solidworks. I printed some trees in burnout material and had some test castings made. With very few exceptions it all worked out well.  Even the coupler height is correct. I have 1 pair for now but will need more.


PRSL_P70_17 small PRSL_P70_18 small PRSL_P70_19 small


PRSL_P70_20 small PRSL_P70_21 small PRSL_P70_22 small


PRSL_P70_23 small PRSL_P70_24 small PRSL_P70_25 small



Ready For Paint

PRSL_P70_26 small PRSL_P70_27 small 


PRSL_P70_28 small PRSL_P70_29 small


Completed 9-17-17

I am very happy with the completed models. They are my first completed brass P70. You have not lived until you have wrangled a 7” long decal, keeping it movable until it is PERFECTLY in place. The long single and double stripes were not that bad to decal. I think Scalecoat Tuscan out of the bottle is much too dark. Car 9924 is about a 50/50 mix of Tuscan and Oxide Red. The other 2 cars are a 50/50 mix of PRR Freight Car red and Oxide Red. Hopefully the difference is apparent in the photos. It is subtle but you can see the difference on the cars when running them.


Car 9924

Car 9924 is the only known “hot” PRSL P70 to get the full length stripes. I just love the look. My model also has the correct 2D5P2 trucks. The other 2 cars below do not have the correct trucks - for now. I have to get more made.


PRSL_P70_30 small PRSL_P70_31 small PRSL_P70_32 small


Cars 9886 & 9922

PRSL_P70_33 small PRSL_P70_34 small PRSL_P70_35 small


PRSL_P70_36 small PRSL_P70_37 small PRSL_P70_38 small


Plenty Of Horsepower

All are possible locomotives for pulling these cars

Added 9-2-17


PRSL_P70_39 small PRSL_P70_40 small PRSL_P70_41 small


PRSL_P70_42 small PRSL_P70_43 small




Updated 2-25-18

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