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South Jersey S Scale Modelers

Added 9-2-21

This is an old school wood kit made by Amity Star. I bought a 2 kit lot on eBay in 2020.This completed car came up for sale in August 2021, which I won for an amazing $27.00. It needed some minor repairs to the ladders and stirrups but otherwise it is very nice. The Pacific Rail Shops ladders and other details improve the car greatly. Good to go as a car not often seen on S Scale layouts.


PFE_Mechanical_Reefer_1 smallPFE_Mechanical_Reefer_2 small

PFE_Mechanical_Reefer_3 smallPFE_Mechanical_Reefer_4 small



Updated 11-7-21

This PFE reefer has a great extended draft gear but with Kadee #5 that LUCKILY were not glued or screwed in place. Since I hate the #5, it has to be a really difficult installation for me to leave them in place. These are San Juan Evolution On3 (I think) couplers. I made a spacer with a center tube and screwed it in. This is actually just larger than the Kadee 802.


PFE_Mechanical_Reefer_5 small



Bob Hogan Built PFE R-70-13

I had a good experience getting decals custom made by Circus City for my Southern Waffle Boxcars I knew this car would be able to move forward and get completed once I got decals. The original plan was for Bob Hogan to assemble the 2 Amity Star wood kits I bought in 2020. He did not like what the kits were going to be when they were done so Bob switched to a cobble together of Pacific Rail Shops and American Models car parts. They are essentially a scratchbuilt car however are short of the correct length. It was a LOT of work and more car shells needed so they are 1/4 short instead. I decided to go with 1 new as built version and 1 later with the roofwalks removed.


The photos were taken 4-30-22.



Updated 5-1-22

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