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South Jersey S Scale Modelers

Norfolk Southern SD60 6596


Norfolk Southern SD60 6596 is very well photographed on the internet train sites. I “borrowed” a few very interesting shots. I hope the original photographers won’t mind!

S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_1 small S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_2 small

S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_3 small S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_4 small S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_5 small S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_6 small

S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_7 small S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_8 small



This is an American Models SD60 released in 2001. I was not much into “modern” at that time only having a very few pieces and never I bought one. That has changed! I do “modern” as best as easily possible for S without having to making everything.


My intent for this loco was to install DCC and fill in the pilot slot and get the coupler off the swinging truck mount. You should never mix body mounted and truck mounted couplers. No extra detail at all it is a utility piece. Once you put the snow plow on there is not much else to see anyway. Not a big project here.


S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_9 small S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_10 small


This is the stock SD60 drive with most of the American Models wiring removed. This is where I start installing the DCC which for this loco is a WOW4, DLG8 speaker and 2) 3mm LEDs. I also usually remove flywheels but this drive is too much work to remove flywheels.

S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_11 small


Draft Gear

My first attempt at making this draft gear was in 2018 with my CSX SD60. It did not turn out quite like I wanted. The coupler height was high. When I got 6596 I knew I had to revise it but somehow I lost the original Solidworks design files so I had start from scratch. The previous version was also 2 parts that meant 2 purchases on my Shapeways store. You can buy the new version here. The third Solidworks photo is showing the printed part at Shapeways. About ˝ of the print is waste to connect the 4 parts into 1 piece and make the price cheaper. The hole should be tapped with a 2-56 for a flathead screw. The draft gear has to be fitted and glued into the pilot opening as perfectly flush as possible or the drive will not fit into the shell. I used Zap A Gap green glue. The Shapeways fine Detail Plastic accepts glue very well. Some minor filing and fitting of the draft gear and/or the shell make be needed. The photo at lower right shows the draft gear installed with the American Models snow plow as I intended. And finally the coupler height is PERFECT!


S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_12 small S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_13 small S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_14 small


S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_15 small S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_16 small S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_17 small


Completed 4-23-23

6596 looks good running with the 8-32B 3531. They actually run well together without any special decoder programming since they are both almost the same American Models drive.

S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_17 small S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_18 small S_Scale_Norfolk_Southern_SD60_6596_20 small


Updated 4-29-33

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