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Conrail SD40-2 6423


Conrail_S_Scale_SD40-2_6423_1 small


Conrail_S_Scale_SD40-2_6423_2 small

This is Overland SD40-2 OMI1741 imported in 1983. That is the long nose with anticlimber and dynamic brakes for Santa Fe. It is 1 of 15 models made. I saw it on eBay in April 2022 for $300 painted in the same awful paint job as this GP38-2. Because it was the long nose version I passed on it, but it sold very quickly. Once that buyer got into it, he stripped the awful paint, and then decided it was too much work for him. That is when he contacted me and I bought it, at first thinking it was minimally a parts loco.


As a side note when it was sent to me from Las Vegas UPS really messed up and sent it to a Amazon warehouse for 2 weeks. I was really surprised it was found and I got it eventually.


To say it has had a hard life is an understatement. Whoever owned this loco before it was sold on eBay did not like the Santa Fe long nose, and BADLY shortened it. As in pretty much all of these Overland GP38-2 and SD40-2 the handrails were loose but this was the worst I have ever seen them with lots of stanchions loose. This is how I got it, as a completely disassembled brass kit! Luckily nothing was missing.


Conrail_S_Scale_SD40-2_6423_3 small Conrail_S_Scale_SD40-2_6423_4 small Conrail_S_Scale_SD40-2_6423_5 small

Conrail_S_Scale_SD40-2_6423_6 small Conrail_S_Scale_SD40-2_6423_7 small Conrail_S_Scale_SD40-2_6423_8 small


I decided to try and save it as a locomotive not parts source. That should be no surprise. I was able to get a new 81” nose even though it should have been 88” but Overland never made one. Getting a new nose is no easy feat for a loco made in 1983 but I know the other S Scale parts hoarders! With the new nose I got that essentially recreated a “new” OMI1740, which is the most “correct for Conrail” version made of which there was originally 15 made as well.


This is my typical drive set up for the Overland GP and SD with the “tank drive”. I add a NWSL motor coupling instead of the old and now hard rubber tubing that slips anyway. I do not depend on the frame and truck screw for electrical pick up I wire right to the trucks. All Overland diesels of the early to mid 1980s need to have their wheels pulled to the NASG standard.


S_Scale_Conrail_SD40-2_6423_10 small S_Scale_Conrail_SD40-2_6423_09 small


I still have to paint the pilots and steps black. You can see some of the work I did here. I removed and filled 2 grab iron holes on the short hood so the Conrail equipment box right in front of the cab of the engineer’s side. I added a 3 chime horn and the Sinclair antenna. I already have the decals made by Circus City. Unfortunately for now the drive is not running well. I will get back to it again at some point.

S_Scale_Conrail_SD40-2_6423_11 small



Updated 3-5-23

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