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South Jersey S Scale Modelers

Conrail RS3m 8481


Conrail RS3m 8481 still exists and has been in Tuckahoe NJ for many years, which is what I picked it to build. I think I saw it running once in the 1990s near Wildwood Junction.


S_Scale_Conrail_RS3m_8481_1 small


S_Scale_Conrail_RS3m_8481_2 small




This is an American Models RS3 first released in 1991. American Models has been the constant reliable S Scale supplier since 1982. I have called them the “Athearn Blue Box” of S Scale. They run well and are a great place to start to make a detailed locomotive.


In spite of being in S Scale for 35 years now and the MANY locos I have detailed and/or painted I have not built a RS3 yet. This was going to be an easy paint only project but as usual my inner obsessions escape making this at least a medium detail level build. Those that know diesel phases count louvers etc is generally not me. I am not shaving off any incorrect details if there are any but plan on adding brass handrails and the roof details that make this a “DeWitt Geep” EMD conversion.








Updated 1-7-24

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