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I have been attending the PRR T&HS Convention since 1990. It is called the “Annual Meeting” by the long time members. It is usually on the first weekend in May and is frequently held in the Harrisburg Pa area. Other locations have been Philadelphia Pa, Wilmington Delaware, Altoona Pa, and Cincinnati Ohio. I have been on many great tours, met great people, and been inspired by the model room that is usually filled with awesome PRR models in ALL scales. I would highly encourage you to join the PRR T&HS if you have even the slightest interest in the PRR. Download the membership application here. You will get the Keystone which is undeniably the finest quarterly magazine produced by any railroad historical society. The Keystone has never been more than slightly late on the publication date for over 20 years.  If all of this is not enough, you get to hang out with ME which is always worth the price of admission!


These are random photos taken at the PRR Conventions I have attended since I got a digital camera. I have many photos taken from earlier conventions but those photos were taken with film cameras which all have to be scanned. That is very time consuming. I may get to that some day.






Click on the photos to make them larger





Philadelphia Pa.

Amtrak 30th Street Station



We got a very rare tour of the Amtrak CETEC Control center and of a very new Acela Trainset


2003_1 small 2003_2 small 2003_3 small


2003_4 small 2003_5 small 2003_6 small


Juanita Terminal

The Awesome Former PRR Facility of Bennett and Eric Levin

NO one plays PRR like the Levins!


2003_7 small        2003_8 small        2003_9 small


2003_10 small 2003_11 small 2003_12 small


Model Room

2003_13 small 2003_14 small 2003_15 small



Cincinnati Ohio

We went to Cincinnati Ohio for 2004. It was the furthest west a PRR T&HS convention had ever been. It was an outstanding event.


The first stop was the wonderful Cincinnati Union Terminal. Most of the building has been converted into a Science and Natural History Museum. http://www.cincymuseum.org The main attraction for me is the huge professionally built model of Cincinnati that just happens to be built in S Scale. It is absolutely awesome! The designers knew nothing about model trains. When planning it they decided that O Scale was too big to portray all of the needed scenes, and HO was too small to be seen at a distance so they settled on S Scale. Much of Cincinnati is shown in model form in true S Scale without compression or omissions. Everything was built by a professional model building contractor. They were going to MAKE the trains too, but the trains were going to be less prominently featured until the availability of S Scale was discovered. Don Thompson was involved with getting his S Helper Service trains utilized on the layout. It is a MUST see! We were lucky enough to get a private tour of the underside of the layout and workshop by the layout maintenance person.


We even had the banquet in the main lobby under the Grand Dome at the end of the convention. It was a wonderful once in a lifetime experience!


2004_1 small 2004_2 small 2004_3 small


2004_4 small 2004_5 small 2004_6 small


2004_7 small 2004_8 small 2004_9 small


These photos are from the Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati in Covington Kentucky. http://cincirailmuseum.org It was raining on the bus going there, and just stopped in time for us to walk around for a few hours. I have detail photos of many of the pieces there if you want them.


2004_10 small 2004_11small 2004_12 small


2004_13 small 2004_14 small 2004_15 small


2004_16 small 2004_17 small 2004_18 small


2004_19 small 2004_20 small 2004_21 small




More to come! Check back soon…


Updated 2-25-18

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