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N&W 731 Hagerstown MD 2-58


Finding on line photos of N&W GP9 in the original scheme was impossible. I found ONE.


This is an American Models plastic GP9. I bought this loco in October 2018 as a goof. I did not need another GP9 but it was Norfolk and Western. I never saw an N&W GP9 before. The plan was to put a decoder and LEDs for headlights. Done. It did not turn out that way. I posted to an N&W Modeling group that offered improvement suggestions and it turned into a project. I already had most of the parts anyway. It is not meant to be the very best N&W GP9 in model form, just “better”. I call it a medium build as I did not make handrails. That is SO time consuming. The stock plastic handrails were used, but not glued on. I could go back and make wire handrails with brass stanchions later.



Almost all the detail parts are BTS. The draft gear is 3D printed from Shapeways here. There is not a sound unit in it yet, but could easily be added. The open brass fans are mandatory to let the sound out.


American Models locos are a great place to start to make a detailed loco.


This first photo is stock out of the box.

N_&_W_GP_9_806_2 small


Most of the work is on the roof and pilots. I made the cut levers and pilot hand rails from .015 phosphor bronze wire.

N_&_W_GP_9_806_3 small N_&_W_GP_9_806_4 small



The brass fan panels were recycled from another GP9 I bought on eBay. They are really nice. I do not know who made them. The plastic is there just to hold the brass parts in place!

N_&_W_GP_9_806_5 small N_&_W_GP_9_806_6 small


Completed 11-4-18


In the end about 80% of the loco got repainted. I was not going to weather it, but some of the lettering got a little overspray on it so it looks a bit weathered.

N_&_W_GP_9_806_7 small N_&_W_GP_9_806_8 small


N_&_W_GP_9_806_9 small N_&_W_GP_9_806_10 small


Updated 11-11-18

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