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B&O I-1

Added 4-17-22

This is Lake Junction Models wood kit. I bought it partially assembled from Brooks Stover. Bob Hogan finished it for me in April 2022. It is very unique looking compared to my other B&O cabooses

B&O_I1_1 small B&O_I1_2 small


B&O I-5

This B&O I-5 was imported by Southwind Models in 1994. It is factory painted new and not weathered at this point. I was very happy to see that it had the prototypical looking draft gear with a Kadee 802 coupler in it right out of the box!


B&O_I5 small




B&O I-12

The B&O Wagontops are my favorite Non-PRR Cabooses. I have 4 total including 1 that was originally a paint job for someone else. I bought it back about 5 years later. They look great running behind my EM-1 and other B&O power! This was my first attempt at putting the Kadee 802 coupler into a prototypical looking brass draft gear. This model came with a nice draft gear castings and dummy brass couplers. If you wanted to put an 802 in it to run, you had to throw the whole dummy coupler and draft gear away. I thought that to be a waste of a nice casting. I just got my Unimat so I put it to work milling the draft gear casting out. I think it greatly added to the model and helped set the standard for my future modeling. I also had to move the steps outward slightly to clear the trucks. I added the step braces, cut lever and hose chains, new cut levers, and additional window rain gutters. It is a decal bash from many different sources.


B&O_I12 small


B&O I-12 C-2414

Added 2-21-23

Completed 4-16-23

 B&O I12


Chessie C-18

The Chessie class for the B&O I-12 is C-18. I used a Mainline Modeler article on the Chessie C-18 as a detail reference to finish the B&O I-12. Looking at the article made me decide what to do with the second I-12 I had to paint. While I did NOT paint this model, I did all the “modernization” detail work beforehand. Most of the work involved changing window frames and adding the window “rock guards”.

Chessie_I12 small


Chessie C-23 C-2946

Added 5-27-23

This is B&O class I-17a & Chessie C-23. It is a 1 of a kind model built by the late Stan Furmanak. He had physical mobility issue but still managed to be a great modeler. Stan started with the American Models bay window caboose and cut off about 1” from each end making a reasonably accurate model. The modifications are evident when shown next to the unmodified American Models bay window caboose. An I-17a C-2343 still exists at the B&O Museum in Baltimore.

Chessie_C-23_C-2396_1 small Chessie_C-23_C-2396_2 small Chessie_C-23_C-2396_3 small Chessie_C-23_C-2396_4 small

Conrail N-7 Bay Window Caboose

Added 9-7-20

I painted this for my friend Don Thompson. It was imported by River Raisin in 1992 as a New York Central car. Apparently the real 21692 still exists in tourist service painted as New York Central.


Conrail_Caboose_21692_1 small Conrail_Caboose_21692_2 small


Conrail N-20 Extended Vision Caboose

Added 12-14-19

This is a brass caboose made by Overland and imported by Modern Models in 1987. There were various subversions. I also painted this for my friend Don Thompson. It is a bit unique that the partial car number on the cupola.  Also note the Reading lineage of car number 94106.  I wondered where it went for many years but became mine on 12-14-19. The last photo is comparing the brass car to the plastic S Helper Service caboose. On 12-24-19 I opened it up to replace some popped windows and saw I dated it as done on 6-28-96. Note that Don made Reading 94106 years later as S Helper Service.



Conrail_Caboose_22139_2 small Conrail_Caboose_22139_3 small

Conrail_Caboose_22139_4 small Conrail_Caboose_22139_5 small


Norfolk Southern Cabooses

Added 3-25-20

When going off into a new railroad followed I like to have a caboose matching to the new locomotive. With Norfolk Southern that is a bit difficult. I saw the modified Extended Vision cabooses last year on Facebook and asked if more could be made. I later saw the bay window and added that to the project. These actually exist as Norfolk Southern cabooses. They are modified S Helper Service and American Models cars. Note the SHS car had the copula narrowed. The American Models car had the roofwalk removed and all new end rails made. Killer job!


Norfolk_Souithern_Caboose_1 small Norfolk_Souithern_Caboose_2 small Norfolk_Souithern_Caboose_3 small

Norfolk_Souithern_Caboose_4 small Norfolk_Souithern_Caboose_5 small Norfolk_Souithern_Caboose_6 small

Norfolk_Souithern_Caboose_7 small Norfolk_Souithern_Caboose_8 small Norfolk_Souithern_Caboose_9 small



Reading Northeast Caboose Class NM

This is an Overland Models Northeast caboose. I bought it in March 2009 as is to run with my Reading I-10sa and Reading Camelback and possibly in some mixed PRSL service.


DSCF0916 small


Reading Northeast Caboose Class NMn

Added 5-30-14

Revised 11-26-17

This is also an Overland Models Northeast caboose. I painted it for my friend Ken Davis in May 2014 as if it was mine, with a much more involved paint job than he asked for of added draft gear and marker lights, hoping it would come back to me at some point. It was a very involved 4 color paint job. 11-26-17 was the day it became mine as Ken divested his trains. We have been friends since about 1991. Ken passed in May 2019. I am glad to have painted this for him.

Reading_92932_1 small Reading_92932_2 small Reading_92932_3 small


Reading NMa Bobber Caboose

Added 5-16-20

This is a caboose built by Frank Titman. I do not know what Frank used as a starting point or kit. It is completely unchanged as Frank built it. I bought it in 2013 when Frank’s collection was sold.

Reading_Bobber_Caboose_1 small Reading_Bobber_Caboose_2 small

Reading_Bobber_Caboose_3 small Reading_Bobber_Caboose_4 small


Freelance Bobber Caboose

Added 7-23-12

This is my Bobber Caboose I made in July 2012 for my logging train. It is my first freelance project. Bobber cabooses are very rare in S Scale.


Bobber_Caboose_16 small



Logging Bobber Caboose

Added 10-3-17

Completely 3D designed and printed

Logging_Bobber_Caboose_14 small



Drovers Caboose

Added 4-19-17

On April 30th 2013 there was an estate auction for the John Bortz’s S Scale Empire. I called John the #2 God of S Scale. I won this caboose at the auction.  I have wanted a Drovers caboose since I was 13 and first saw it in S Gauge Herald. I don’t know if it actually exists anywhere on a real railroad. It was built from an Old School wood kit and is such an odd looking car.  I have been told it was built by Frank Titman for his first layout. There is some portion of an American Flyer baggage car (I think) hidden in the car someplace. Frank wrapped a new car around the A F car. That is what I see when I turn it upside down. There is NO chance I would buy a kit and assemble it myself so I jumped all over it to win. I did some TLC to it by taking off the truck mounted couplers and added my body mounted draft gear with Kadee couplers. I repainted the roof.


Drovers_Caboose_1 small Drovers_Caboose_2 small


Spiral Hill caboose #2

Added 8-28-23

This freelance wood caboose was built by Frank Titman for his final layout the Spiral Hill. I have a reasonable collection of Frank Titman built cars and locos but I consider this one to be iconic because it is lettered for Spiral Hill. It is an old school Kinsman Northern Pacific wood kit, and was customized by Frank.

Spiral_Hill_Caboose_#_2_1 small Spiral_Hill_Caboose_#_2_2 small


S Helper Service Cabooses

After about 6 months of some rather obsessive eBay searching, sometimes 3-4 times a day, a Conrail S Helper Service caboose finally appeared. I now have the 3 SHS cabooses I want. My set is complete – or maybe not.


SHS_Cabooses small


Added 10-12-18

The Seaboard caboose got my attention so I now have 4 SHS cabooses. There was 2 numbers of each scheme. I THINK 1 of each is good enough!

SHS_Cabooses_2 small SHS_Cabooses_3 small


SHS_Cabooses_4 small SHS_Cabooses_5 small


Added 6-23-19

I now have both Reading numbers

SHS_Cabooses_6 small



Y4 Scale Test Car

Since the Scale Test car ran at the end of the train, I put it here.

This was made by Southwind Models in the early 1990s.


Scale_Test_Car small


Updated 8-28-23

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