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I have painted over 300 O Scale freight cars.

LOTS of them were hopper cars.

Here are a few of them…


Click on the photos to make them larger



O_Scale_Clinchfield_2_Bay small   O_Scale_Bordens_Tankcar small

Clinchfield 2 Bay Offset Hopper    Bordens Container Flat Car


O_Scale_PRR_FM_Flat small   O_Scale_C&O_2_Bay small

PRR FM Flat w/ Containers     C&O 2 Bay Offset Hopper


O_Scale_C&O_3_Bay small   O_Scale_J&L_Tankcar small

C&O 3 Bay Ribbed Hopper   Jones & Laughlin Tank Car


O_Scale_Pfaudler small O_Scale_PRR_G26_Gondola small

HP Hood Milk Tank Car                  PRR G26 Gondola




O Scale PRR X42 Mail Storage Car

Added 2-17-14

I sort of have an obsession for the X42. Even though it was a very minor car class with only 10 made it is a different iconic PRR car. It was a great project for me to paint an O Scale car imported by the “P” Company. I have painted a HO X42 as well. I was tasked with making the first “passenger” scheme. I had the decals custom made just for this car.


The other on line model photos I have seen for this scheme are all wrong including another O Scale car with a very nice full interior but everything else about the paint job including the color is wrong. I have 1 color photo of X42 2548 in a railroad exposition clearly showing the roof is black! Not many PRR cars have a black roof - all adding to how unique the X42 is. Later paint schemes the roofs were painted freight car color.


The car is going in a showcase so it has no weathering.


O_Scale_PRR_X42_1 small O_Scale_PRR_X42_2 small 

O_Scale_PRR_X42_3 small O_Scale_PRR_X42_4 small


Updated 2-25-18

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